Modern gas fireplace in living room of Salt Lake City home.

3 Hot Trends in Fireplace Design

If you plan to convert to a gas fireplace this coming year, then you’re probably starting to think about what kind of design you want your new fireplace to have. Luckily, there is a wide range of options available that can satisfy numerous tastes and home aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for more rustic and traditional styles or modern designs, let’s take a look at fireplace trends.

Natural Design Trends

One gas fireplace design trend is opting for more natural building materials, and there’s nothing more natural than stone. Fireplaces made from raw stone materials are evocative of nature and can bring rustic beauty to your living room. Yet, more sophisticated designs are available for homeowners with a discerning eye. As stones come in numerous shapes and natural colors, you’ll be able to find the perfect style that pairs well with your home. 

Another popular fireplace building material comes in the form of marble. Mantelpieces built with marble feel modern and can fit into numerous architectural styles. Furthermore, just like with stone, there is a variety of color and design options for you to choose from. Whether you want a conservative marble mantelpiece or something more extravagant, there’s no shortage of possibilities when it comes to this flexible material.

Fireplaces That Complement Your Interior Design

Several trends for gas fireplace designs involve complementing the preexisting style of your home’s interior. Fireplaces are the heart of the room, thanks to the warmth they provide and their eye-catching designs, so it is vital for them to fit in or enhance your walls and other features. 

For example, homes with more minimalist designs should opt for fireplaces with uncluttered and simple designs free from unnecessary details. Integrating the color and decor of the wall behind it will also help a gas fireplace blend in with your preexisting design options. However, another approach is to contrast the color of the wall to help make the fireplace mantle stand out more.

Versatile and Functional Fireplace Designs

Many have discovered that there are numerous ways for gas fireplaces to provide additional versatility to their homes beyond just offering warmth and beauty. Many have chosen to place or hang their TVs above their fireplace, while some mantelpieces incorporate shelves into their designs that let them function as bookcases.

Making efficient use of space is a key component of many fireplace trends. Numerous modern fireplaces are integrated into walls so that their warmth can be enjoyed in two different rooms, which is taken further with the indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces. 

Additionally, fireplaces can be used as room dividers, such as with the elegant peninsula fireplaces, which are able to function without wasting any room in your home. The practicality of such double-sided fireplaces has made them a popular choice in homes looking to make more efficient use of their space.

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