4 Reasons Why You Should Install a Custom DaVinci Collection Fireplace

When considering the purchase of luxury products, we’re confident that a fireplace is rarely the first item to come to mind for many. However, as the premier company for fireplace designs in Summit County, luxury fireplaces are all we think about at Croft Fireplace. In addition to the vast array of indoor and outdoor fireplaces offered at Croft Fireplace, we’d like to show off one of the hottest fireplaces on the market — the DaVinci Collection.

  • Limitless Customizability

If you can dream it, DaVinci can do it. No matter if you’re looking for an L-Shape fireplace, one that is completely transparent, or a custom hand-designed trim, the artisans at DaVinci and Croft Fireplace can make that dream a reality. From their Fyre-Art™ sculpted driftwood to hand-painted Bon-Fyre™ logs, DaVinci’s attention to detail is unmatched by industry competitors.

  • Safe Touch Glass™

DaVinci Fireplaces feature Safe Touch Glass™, an advanced, crystal-clear barrier surrounding each fireplace, which maintains a low temperature that only gives off a comfortable warmth when touched. No more need for protective gates or worrying about kids or guests getting burnt.

  • True Zero Clearance

Due to the non-heating elements used to construct the exterior of their fireplaces, the DaVinci Collection can fit sleekly and seamlessly into any surface without the need of bulky, non-combustible building materials taking up space in your home. Not only do DaVinci fireplaces keep a low-profile, but the finishes also allow the frameless glass to come in direct contact with wall elements such as drywall.

  • TouchSmart™ Wall Controls

In addition to the flawless craftsmanship of each DaVinci Collection fireplace, the creators integrated state-of-the-art technology to manage your luxury fireplace including:

  • Controllable Heat Exchange

  • 10-Hour Timer Settings

  • LED Lighting System Controls

Utah residents who are looking to buy a fireplace in Weber County should contact us at 801-295-4141 for fireplace services in Bountiful, UT or give us a call at 801-820-0919 to reach us at our Salt Lake City location.