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3 Great Benefits of Installing a Fireplace in Your Home

Not all homes in Utah have a fireplace, relying on a heater to keep their indoors warm and toasty during winter. However, there are good reasons to add a fireplace to your living space before outside temperatures dip.


Most homes rely on their heating to keep comfortable; sometimes, that’s not enough. If you want to raise the temperature without the hassle of lighting a fire with wood or overloading your heating system, consider installing a gas or electric fireplace in the living room.

 In addition to the physical comfort it provides, a steadily burning fireplace also offers emotional warmth. It creates a cozy ambiance, setting the mood for snuggles during cold winter nights.

Upgrades Interior Design

A fireplace adds warmth and style to your living room, family room, or den. It significantly improves the appearance of your interiors while avoiding the mess associated with major renovations.

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, zero-clearance gas fireplaces do not take up a lot of space or crowd the room. They’re modern but retain a classic fireplace aesthetic.

Not sure how a fireplace will look inside your home? Croft Fireplace lets you design your fireplace to make a seamless addition to your living space.

Boosts Home Value

If comfort and aesthetics are not enough to convince you, perhaps this will—a fireplace can raise your home’s value.

 It is one of the most commonly sought-after features of listed homes in regions with seasonal weather, like Utah. Buyers prefer homes with one already installed and are willing to pay a premium since they no longer need to build one. Consider it an investment with high returns when it’s time to put your home on the market.

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Converting Fireplaces to Gas or Electric

Have a fireplace but find it difficult to light and maintain? Croft Fireplace can convert it to a gas fireplace, or you could choose an electric option. But how do you decide which one to buy?

The only difference between gas and electric fireplaces is their fuel source—one runs on natural or propane gas, while the other uses electricity for heat. Croft Fireplace carries both and offers an extensive selection to suit most interiors and every homeowner’s design preference.  

When we convert your wood-burning fireplace to an electric one, we fit an insert inside the existing masonry. Its LED lights or LCD create an illusion of flames but produce warmth via its heating technology.

With a gas fireplace conversion, we also place the insert inside the opening. However, we use the existing chimney to retrofit a dual-liner system for venting exhaust and providing air for combustion.  

Whether you’re looking for an electric or gas fireplace store near you in Kaysville, turn to Croft Fireplace.  

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