New Year’s Resolutions for Your Fireplace

As we usher in a new year and create our list of New Year’s resolutions, let’s resolve to take better care of our fireplaces. Proper fireplace maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long-term while also maximizing energy efficiency. If you’re looking to cut down on maintenance, however, now is also a great time to think about a gas fireplace conversion, a service that Croft Fireplace gladly offers clients in Salt Lake County, UT, and the surrounding areas.

Until you make the big decision, here are a few tips to consider for creating New Year’s resolutions for your wood-burning fireplace.

Deep Clean Your Fireplace

One of the best ways to maintain your fireplace is to keep it clean on a regular basis. Deep cleaning your fireplace will allow it to work more efficiently while also providing cleaner heat for you and your family. Taking the extra time to completely clean out all of the ash and residue is essential to keeping your fireplace well-maintained and working for many years.

Inspect Chimney

Another way you can keep your fireplace working great is to inspect the chimney to ensure it’s free of any debris. Over time, a chimney can build-up debris, which can also cause smoke to enter your home or create strange odors. Inspecting your chimney at least once a year is a great way to stay proactive and avoid these problems.

Perform Exterior Cleaning

Making sure your chimney is in excellent condition is important before you consider using it to keep your home warm. Checking out the exterior of your chimney is essential to ensure everything is in working condition. You may also need to trim tree limbs near your chimney to reduce any potential fire hazards.

Make a Few Design Upgrades

A fireplace gives you the perfect opportunity to make a few upgrades to further boost its visual appeal. You may want to replace your fireplace doors with a more modern design or give the brass a fresh coat of paint. Any of these options can dramatically transform the appearance of your fireplace and give it a much-needed upgrade.

Croft Fireplace sells and installs fireplaces for a wide variety of customers. We also offer outdoor fire pits and tables. Give us a call today if you’re ready to welcome the best fireplace in Salt Lake City, UT, in your home!