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Croft Fireplace is the fireplace store for Syracuse. We service any kind of fireplace, whether gas or electric. And with our stores in the neighboring towns of Salt Lake and Bountiful, we know a thing or two about fireplaces in Utah and look forward to providing you with the right option for your home. 

Croft Fireplace has been a reliable Utah fireplace store for years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and counting. If you’re ready to add a fireplace and be a happy Croft Fireplace customer, we’ve got what you want.

Benefits of Installing a Fireplace in Your Home

There are many benefits to installing a fireplace in your home, and these are just a few of them:


There’s truly nothing like curling up by the fireplace with a good book and enjoying the warmth. Fireplace warmth gives an experience no other method of heat could provide.

Interior Design

Let’s be honest: fireplaces are gorgeous. Rest a vase with a bouquet on the mantel or hang stockings when it’s Christmastime. Even if you leave your fireplace empty, it’ll be a gorgeous accent piece in your home.


Increased Home Value

What homeowners’ ears don’t perk up when they hear that phrase? Increase your home value in the best way possible: install an electric or gas fireplace.

The Cheaper Option

As previously mentioned, you’ll notice your bills go down when switching to an electric or gas fireplace. Switching to electric or gas is the easier, more efficient, and cheaper option, making it perfect for any household.

Converting Fireplaces to Gas or Electric

Electric and gas fireplaces provide a more environmentally friendly way to stay warm than wood-burning fireplaces. They’re also cheaper and more efficient, requiring less maintenance—ideal for any household. If none of the fireplace designs on our website work for you, we’ll work for you. Feel free to design a custom fireplace

If you’ve got a wood-burning fireplace and want a gas or electric fireplace, you already have the perfect conditions for the job. We can provide you with electric or gas fireplace inserts for the existing space, saving a lot of time and money.

Converting to a Gas Fireplace

Converting to a gas fireplace, the existing chimney structure will vent the gas exhaust. This allows the inside of your home to stay clean while you enjoy real flames in your home.

Converting to an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces have the same basic idea as gas. You can install one where an existing fireplace is and simply plug it into the wall. With fully artificial flames and logs, you don’t have to worry about exhaust, and it’s a great way to be environmentally conscious. Electric fireplace inserts can even be activated remotely when you work with Croft Fireplace. 

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