What’s the Difference Between a Gas Fireplace, a Gas Insert, and Gas Logs?

Gas Fireplace. Gas Insert. Gas Logs. These three terms are often used interchangeably by homeowners or those who are not industry experts. However, they are very different products that each have their own set of advantages. Let’s learn what their differences are, so you can pick the very best choice for your home!

Before we dive in, it’s important to remember that each product comes in two models: vented and unvented. Vented fireplaces require an opening of some sort, usually a chimney, to release exhaust fumes. Vent-free, or unvented, fireplaces empty directly into the room. However, don’t worry! With proper care and maintenance, both models are safe to use. 

Gas Insert

Using natural gas or propane, gas inserts burn a real flame that emulates the look of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of burning wood. You don’t have to gather firewood, heap kindling, start a fire, or clean out the resulting ashes. Just flip the switch, and voila! You have fire!

But let’s go back to the basics. What is a gas insert? We’re glad you asked! A gas insert is a contained metal box that is professionally installed into an existing fireplace. Like all other gas appliances, it relies on some type of gas to produce heat, which is emitted from the firebox. Gas inserts are some of the most efficient and user-friendly models available. They’re especially great for homeowners who have decided to finally make the switch from wood-burning fireplaces to help make Salt Lake City clean and healthy once again. 

Gas Logs

If you’re searching for the most inexpensive way to put your existing fireplace to use without burning real wood, then gas logs may be the best option for you! Gas logs are a set of ceramic logs made to look exactly like real firewood. They are arranged artfully, yet carefully so as not to block the gas burner, which allows you, the homeowner, to turn up the heat with the twist of a knob. 

Although gas logs use natural gas or propane to generate heat, they are not as effective at heating a whole home as gas inserts or a gas fireplace. They are, however, the most aesthetic option! 

Gas Fireplace

Do you want a new gas fireplace that can efficiently heat the whole room? That’s what the gas fireplace is best known for! Gas fireplaces look very similar to gas inserts as both models are contained metal boxes. However, there is a key difference between the two. Gas fireplaces don’t require an existing fireplace or chimney for installation, unlike the gas insert. They can be placed virtually anywhere in your home to provide the look and feel of a fireplace like you’ve always dreamed of! 

The Benefits of Each Choice

Which gas fireplace will be the best choice for your family? Whichever option you choose, give our Summit County, Davis County, or Salt Lake County team a call for your gas fireplace installation. We also provide repair and maintenance services for your existing Croft fireplace. We’re more than happy to do our part in keeping your home warm and safe!