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Have you been recently considering a fireplace installation for the home but can’t find that perfect match for your interior style? Finding the right fireplace for any home can be challenging and downright frustrating at times. With all the selections available on the market today, it’s no wonder you haven’t found a fireplace that fits your style.

At Croft Fireplace, we can help you build the fireplace of your dreams. With a custom-designed fireplace, your home will have a unique, elegant, and functional unit that the whole family can enjoy. From modern designs to traditional layouts, our team has a fireplace to fit your personal tastes and match perfectly within your home.

The Digital Design Center for Valor Fireplace

You can also play a role in designing your custom fireplace with our design center. With this program, you’ll be able to select everything needed to create the ultimate custom fireplace for your home. From trim selections to ventilation options, our design center has an extensive selection of options just for you.

Start Your Custom-Designed Fireplace Journey With the Firebuilder App for Fireplace X / Lopi Fireplace

The best custom-designed fireplaces are the ones a homeowner plays a direct role in the design process. That’s why we offer our new Firebuilder App. With the Firebuilder, you can completely customize your fireplace design. From selecting the model you’re interested in to adding all the accessories you want, you can recreate exactly what you envision for your home. By taking a photo of the room you want the installation to be performed in, you’ll be able to see precisely what your new fireplace will look like with your existing interior decor. It’s never been easier to build the fireplace of your dreams with Croft Fireplace and the exclusive Firebuilder App!

Take Control of Your Heating With a Custom-Designed Fireplace From Us!

Whether you’re looking for a unique fireplace to add to a living room or a romantic unit to install in a master bedroom, our team has the selections to meet any of your desires. All of our fireplaces use energy-efficient natural gas or propane as a fuel source and can be fitted to meet the exact requirements of your residence.

Enjoy the comfort, convenience, and elegance of a custom-designed fireplace available exclusively from Utah’s leading fireplace dealer. Croft Fireplace also provides:

If you reside in Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Weber, Summit, Wasatch, or Davis counties, contact the experts in fireplace installation. We’ll take you step-by-step through the design process, ensuring your custom-designed fireplace is exactly what you want and need for your home.

Don’t settle for an out-of-the-box gas fireplace that looks like every other unit on the market. Order a custom-designed fireplace from the pros at Croft Fireplace. Visit our showrooms, contact us online, or give us a call and start your next at-home designing experience with a custom-designed fireplace from us!