Fireplace Replacement in Utah



Have you recently been considering upgrading your fireplace? Even a well-maintained fireplace will eventually need to be replaced. If you’ve been thinking about a fireplace replacement for your home in Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Weber, Davis, Summit, or Wasatch counties, the team at Croft Fireplace can help.

Gas fireplaces are continually improving both in effectiveness and efficiency. It is recommended that you get a gas fireplace replacement every 10 to 15 years. By replacing your current fireplace with a new one, you’ll be saving money and adding a better heat source to your home.

User Friendly Gas Fireplace Replacements



Did you know that fireplaces can now be controlled via remote control from any place in a room? One of the most recent changes in fireplace technology is the ability to control your fire with a remote, allowing you to keep relaxing in your favorite chair while also adjusting the settings of your gas fireplace. Gas fireplace replacements can also come equipped with wall switches for easy access and operation of the unit.


Better Design Choices When Replacing a Fireplace



Only a few years ago, replacing a fireplace meant selecting from a limited number of options. This often restricted a homeowner’s ability to fully customize their new fireplace to match the look and feel of their existing interior design.

Now, as more manufacturers have entered the market, the choices you have for fireplace replacements are seemingly endless. Whether you’re looking for a traditional fireplace or a more modern design for the home, we have the perfect solution for you.  

Additionally, homeowners can now personalize their new fireplace replacement with customizable options to meet even the most demanding requirements. Custom fireplaces put you in control of how your new fireplace looks and feels in the home.


Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness



Another reason to consider a fireplace replacement for your home is the advances in both effectiveness and efficiency. Gas-powered fireplaces have improved dramatically since their introduction into the marketplace. Older units struggled to maintain efficiency and often left much to be desired when heating an area in the home.

Modern gas fireplaces now excel at providing excellent energy efficiency alongside increased heating capabilities. If you’re considering a new fireplace replacement for an older existing unit, now is the perfect time for an upgrade!


Let Us Help Heat Your Home With a High-Quality Fireplace Replacement



Still undecided about replacing your existing fireplace with a new unit? Contact our fireplace experts today for more information about the benefits of fireplace replacement. Our staff will go step-by-step through the options available so you can make an informed decision and have peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with seasoned professionals in fireplace design and installation. We also offer:

Visit one of our showrooms, contact us online, or give us a call. Croft Fireplace is here to assist you in making the best decision when it comes to replacing your fireplace.