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Having a gas fireplace in your home makes it easier to warm up with loved ones or curl up with a good book. Croft Fireplace is your #1 fireplace store for Salt Lake County residents. Our Bountiful and Salt Lake City locations can help make the fireplace dream a reality for Utah residents.

Whether adding a new electric fireplace or gas fireplace or converting what you already have in the house, you can rest assured that Croft Fireplace will get the job done. Explore our selection of stunning fireplaces and learn about our installation services.

6 Reasons to Add a Fireplace to Your Home

If you’ve never lived in a home with a fireplace, you might not know what makes this addition so appealing. But any fireplace owner can tell you that an electric or gas fireplace comes with many benefits, such as:

More Comfortable Interior

During the cold winter months in Utah, a gas fireplace or electric fireplace can keep your space more comfortable. Instead of spending money to heat an entire house, you can focus on the area where you spend most of your time, keeping bills under control.

Increased Home Value

Who doesn’t love the idea of increasing the value of their home? A quick trip to our gas fireplace store in Salt Lake County or Davis County can provide additional comfort for years while boosting your home value.


Interior Design

A lovely fireplace can instantly become an aesthetic staple of your home, enhancing the overall look and feel of the entire room.

Operation During Power Outages

Although electric fireplaces don’t work during power outages, gas fireplaces will power through, providing consistent heat and light for your family.

Softer Light

If you prefer dimmer lighting at night and the overhead lights are too bright, an electric or gas fireplace provides ambient lighting.

Burn Safer and Cleaner

If you’re eco-conscious and concerned about your wood fireplace, we can convert it to an electric or gas fireplace that operates more cleanly.

If these benefits appeal to you, explore our selection of fireplaces today. We can help you take steps toward a new or converted fireplace.

Switch to a Gas or Electric Fireplace

Our technicians can also tackle fireplace conversion to turn your existing fireplace into a more efficient one. If you’re considering an electric or gas fireplace, browse our website for photos and additional details. 

An electric fireplace is a popular choice, especially if a gas fireplace isn’t a good fit for the home. Electric fireplaces plug into the wall, making them affordable yet efficient tools to heat the space. 

Our gas fireplaces are freestanding, meaning they don’t install directly into the wall like electric fireplaces. We can design and install custom luxury fireplaces as well. 

Whether gas or electric is the right choice for your living quarters, the team at Croft Fireplace can guide you along the way and take care of your fireplace conversion or installation.

Choose Croft Fireplace for All of Your Fireplace Needs

At Croft Fireplace, we aim to cater to our client’s needs in every way possible. We offer flexible solutions that complement our clients’ homes. 

The cities we serve include:

Start your fireplace journey by requesting a quote or contacting us today!