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When you picture a home fireplace, you might envision how it would look in your living space. Fireplaces are highly appealing for many reasons and are often more affordable than people realize.

We provide electric and gas fireplaces for Weber County residents at our Croft Fireplace locations in Bountiful and Salt Lake City. Whether installing a fireplace for the first time or converting a fireplace, you can rely on Croft for high-quality fireplace inserts.

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6 Benefits of Installing a Fireplace in Your Home

Adding a fireplace to your home has many benefits. Explore a few of the top reasons to consider the addition of a fireplace insert.


Of course, one of the primary functions of a fireplace is to provide warmth. The heat of an electric or gas fireplace encourages residents to snuggle up close and enjoy the ambiance.

More Light

If you value natural lighting, a fireplace is the right choice for you. During the day, you can open the curtains to let sunlight in, but when the sun goes down, you can rely on your gas fireplace to provide more light.

Affordable Heating

If you want to heat one specific area of the home, you can avoid wasting money and energy by using the fireplace rather than heating the entire space.

Increased Home Value

Nothing piques a homeowner’s interest quite like the term “increased home value.” Adding a fireplace instantly increases your home’s value, making it a worthwhile investment.

Interior Design

A fireplace insert in your Weber County home can transform the look and feel of the space. Create a room that instantly feels cozy, elegant, or laid-back, depending on the design of the fireplace.

Operation During Outages

If you install a gas fireplace, you’ll still have access to a source of heat and light, even during a power outage.

We’d love to help you maximize these benefits in your home. Get in touch with a professional to get started!

Upgrade to a Gas or Electric Fireplace

If you already have a wood fireplace or other, we can convert it into an electric or gas fireplace with a fireplace insert. Switching to electric or gas reduces operating costs and provides a clean alternative that produces fewer emissions. If you’re converting your current fireplace, we’ll use the existing space for your brand-new electric or gas fireplace.

If you plan on purchasing a new electric or gas fireplace, we’ll take care of the installation process. Browse our electric and gas fireplace options to find the perfect addition to your home. 

Our electric fireplaces mount into the wall and plug into your electricity source. The selection of gas stove fireplaces includes free-standing options that can provide a more rustic feel. We also offer custom luxury fireplaces.

Find the Best Fireplace for Your Home

If you’re looking for an electric or gas fireplace in Weber County, there’s no question that Croft Fireplace can help you get exactly what you want. Our locations in Bountiful and Salt Lake City serve residents of Weber County. 

The cities we serve include:

  • Ogden
  • Roy
  • North Ogden
  • South Ogden
  • West Haven
  • Riverdale

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