4 Outdoor Fireplace Party Ideas to Celebrate the Upcoming Summer to the Fullest

Your outdoor gas fireplace in Summit County or Davis County is more than just a heating source. It’s also a great place to entertain guests this summer. When your friends and family make their way to your home, give them a night they’ll never forget with these four outdoor fireplace party ideas. 

Give Us S’more, Please!

Making s’mores in the backyard doesn’t have to be solely a fall activity! There’s no better way to enjoy a cool summer night outdoors than with your trusty Croft fireplace to keep you warm. Watch this video to see some of our favorite s’mores recipes. 

Curl Up By the Fire with a Glass of Wine

Is there anything better than enjoying a glass of red (or white) at the end of the night? How about enjoying many different glasses of wine on a beautiful summer evening? Now we’re talking! 

Your backyard fireplace is the perfect venue for hosting your very own wine tasting party. Invite your friends to bring their favorite bottle of wine for the whole group to sample. To make this event as elegant and realistic as possible, make sure you have a cuspidor, a “wine menu” with the information of each wine, and some palette cleansers. 

Not an alcohol drinker? How about hosting an Italian Soda evening with a variety of flavorings for your guests to choose from? With the bubbly flowing and the crackling fire to keep you warm, we bet it’ll be a night to remember. 

Let’s Play a Game!

Bring the family fun outside to enjoy some fresh air and a beautiful summer day. The great thing about hosting game night outdoors is that you don’t have to limit yourself to board games and card games. If Monopoly, Heads Up, and other similar games are your favorite to play, by all means, you can still enjoy them out in the open air. But now you can add some exciting outdoor games, like Cornhole and Capture the Flag. 

Don’t forget to bring some fuel to the party in the form of nutritious snacks and refreshing drinks. You can set up a small buffet around your outdoor fireplace. When the sun goes down and the night breeze picks up, simply move everything at least three feet away and start up a nice, cozy fire. 

Leisurely Backyard Camping

Tent? Check. Sleeping Bag? Check. Food and drinks? Check. Scary ghost stories? Check. Operation Backyard Camping is a go!

Remember when you were young and your parents used to take your camping out in the backyard? Those were some great nights, weren’t they? It’s time to keep the tradition going with your own family. 

Teach your kids some important survival skills while showing them how to put up a tent, pack for a camping trip, and light a fire. Then sit around your fire pit kit, or your makeshift bonfire, and tell scary ghost stories to really get hearts racing. 

We hope this blog gave you some fun ideas on how to put your outdoor fire pit to good use during the Salt Lake City summer.