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Can You Add a Thermostat to a Gas Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are an excellent way to warm up your home on a cold night. They are safe for families, easy to maintain and install, and provide much needed warmth. However, central heating systems, while not as warm as gas fireplaces, typically come with a thermostat for homeowners to alter the level of heat in their living space. This advantage might lead some to question whether they can install a similar thermostat system to their gas fireplace, and the answer is yes!

A thermostat can absolutely be installed onto a gas fireplace so families can take the comfort of their fireplaces to the next level. Here are some of the many benefits of adding a thermostat for gas fireplaces, as well as some tips for doing so.

Benefits of a Thermostat for Gas Fireplaces

The primary advantage of installing a thermostat for a gas fireplace is that it allows people to control the temperature. Fireplace thermostat remotes are far more than just an on and off switch, as it will enable homeowners to adjust the temperature of their living quarters much more precisely. As a gas fireplace with a thermostat can maintain a specified temperature, it can make your living quarters the perfect temperature.

Another significant advantage of installing a fireplace thermostat is that it makes controlling your home much more effortless. With a thermostat remote, you won’t have to leave your couch and pause your favorite movie to make the gas fireplace a little warmer or cooler. By utilizing a remote control, you can adjust the temperature for optimal comfort with only a few button presses!

There are numerous other technological advantages you receive after installing a thermostat for your gas fireplace. For example, low voltage thermostat systems have several other settings available, such as digital displays and touchscreens. Further, most digital thermostats are compatible with most gas fireplaces, so it isn’t likely you’ll have to worry about a model not working with your fireplace.

Installing a Gas Fireplace Thermostat

Now that you know the advantages of adding a thermostat to your gas fireplace, here are some tips you should have when preparing to install them:

  • To learn what kind of voltage your fireplace requires, read the owner’s manual. This information will help you determine the correct type of thermostat system for your fireplace.
  • If your furnace does not have the specific type of voltage for the thermostat you intend to install, buy and install an adapter for it.
  • In the event your gas fireplace does not have a step-down transformer, get a millivolt thermostat, as that variety does not require it to function.

Installing a Gas Fireplace Thermostat

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