Gas fireplace mantle decorated with flower pots for spring

Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel for Spring

A gas fireplace conversion is the perfect way to upgrade your existing fireplace with a gas insert while still keeping the mantel you love. Once you’re excited about your fireplace again, you’ll be ready to decorate your mantel for spring.

A fresh spring look can be created in a variety of different ways, depending on your style. Rustic, vintage, and farmhouse are a few examples of looks that are easy to achieve on a mantel. Whichever style you choose, be sure to add greenery!

Frames and Wreaths

A cheerful flower wreath placed inside of an empty frame will add dimension to any room and bring your mantel alive this season. Add accessories like small potted plants to complete the look.

Spring Nests

Speaking of accessories, decorating your mantel with eggs isn’t just for Easter. For example, a farmhouse-style mantel could include greenery branches placed in a white jug next to a bird’s nest, complete with faux eggs.


One of the simplest ways to craft a look compatible with most decorating styles is to surround a shelf clock with candles and, you guessed it, plenty of greenery. The clock idea will work year-round. Simply update the surrounding accessories with each new season or holiday.


We realize that not everyone is into a rustic or farmhouse look. If your decorating style is less than casual, it’s easy to create a chic yet cheerful look by surrounding a mirror with plenty of blooming branches. Crystal bowls are additional elements you can add in keeping with a more elegant theme.


Keep in mind that you could enhance just about any of the looks we’ve described so far with the addition of candles. Just make sure to take all the proper fire safety precautions, so your decorations don’t become a fire hazard. 

Fireplace Mantel Design Tip: Most interior designers avoid perfect symmetry by grouping items in odd numbers.

In a nutshell, decorating a fireplace mantel for spring is mainly about piecing together a few interesting items in an appealing way and adding greenery.

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