What is a Fireplace Insert & How Does it Work?

While traditional fireplaces have always been popular among homeowners, fireplace inserts have recently gained popularity. As colder weather starts to set in, now is the perfect time to request a gas fireplace insert installation in Summit County. If you’re not familiar with fireplace inserts, then keep reading to learn more about why they have become such a popular home heating option.

What is a Fireplace Insert?

Simply put, a fireplace insert is a fireproof box that is made from steel and installed into an existing open-masonry fireplace. In general, open-masonry fireplaces are made from either brick, rock, or cinder block, all of which are non-combustible and heat-resistant. Once a fireplace insert is installed, it can be decorated with a trim of your choice which gives it a complete and elegant look.

What Makes a Fireplace Insert More Efficient?

One of the appeals of fireplace inserts is that they are more efficient than traditional fireplaces. When a traditional fireplace operates, it takes the existing warm air out of a room to feed its fire. Furthermore, chimneys provide a direct route for heat to leave your home. Overall, due to their design, traditional fireplaces end up exhausting more energy and heat than they create.

On the other hand, the innovative design of fireplace inserts allows them to take the air needed to continue running from outside of your home and push warm air out into a room using a blower. You don’t have to worry about losing heat through your chimney as fireplace inserts are created from a durable steel material that helps trap heat in.

What Fireplace Insert Options are Available?

Fireplace inserts are available in many convenient options. You can choose to have either electric, gas, pellets, or wood-fueled insert installed in your home. If you don’t have access to wood or gas fuel sources, then an electric fireplace may be ideal for you as it creates sufficient heat without the need for a flame. For homeowners looking for the convenience of an electric fireplace insert but want the look of real flames without burning any wood, a gas insert offers the best of both worlds.

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