Electric and Gas Insert Fireplace Store in Roy, UT

Enjoy a warmer winter in Roy, UT, by visiting Croft Fireplace. Our premier fireplace store in Roy, UT, has been warming the Wasatch Front for nearly 20 years, and we’re ready to make your home a little cozier. Stop by one of our Croft Fireplace stores in Bountiful, Salt Lake City, or Davis County, or come by to discuss your best electric or gas fireplace options in Roy, UT.

4 Reasons Why Having a Fireplace in Roy, UT, Is a Great Idea

Have you considered adding an electric or gas fireplace to your home in Roy, UT? Check out these top advantages and contact us if you have additional questions!

Warmth in the Winter

You’re no stranger to the cold and snow, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel cold. Newer electric and gas fireplaces offer more warmth than their built-in wood-burning cousins. A gas fireplace insert in Roy, UT, provides comforting light and heat when the electricity fails. An added bonus—you’ll avoid trips to the wood pile.

Safety and Security

Replacing the existing wood-burning fireplace in your home in Roy with a new gas fireplace insert improves safety and security. Stay warm when you need it most. A gas insert is a much safer option for providing the warmth your family needs without the fear of burns, spark fires, or smoke and fire damage from improperly cleaned and ventilated chimneys.

Increased Home Value

Installing a new fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your decor, adding a welcoming level of comfort to your home. The upgrade also provides a return on your investment with increased home value. Efficient gas fireplaces in the Roy, UT, housing market are in demand.

Energy Efficiency

Your home heating system’s new best friend is an updated electric or gas fireplace. The fireplace and furnace can work together to keep your overall heating bills in check.

Our Fireplace Services in Roy, UT

Croft Fireplace prides itself on providing clear, honest answers to all your questions and helping you navigate the details of an expert installation process. We aim to help you achieve the warmth and style you want within a budget you can afford.

When deciding on a new or replacement fireplace for your home, you must consider many factors. There may even be a few options you haven’t considered. The experts at Croft Fireplace can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of adding a new fireplace, installing an electric fireplace insert, converting your existing fireplace with an insert, or replacing an old fireplace.

Do you have something specific in mind? We’re happy to discuss your many customization options to fit your dreams and home design. You can use our digital design center to visualize your custom fireplace design. Discover all the possibilities when you request a consultation and in-home estimate.

Enjoy Your New Fireplace in Roy, UT, From Croft Fireplace

Are you ready to discover how Croft Fireplace can help you create the energy-efficient atmosphere of warmth you’ve been dreaming of?

Contact us or request a quote to see how easy and cost-effective it can be to warm up with a new fireplace in Roy, UT, this winter.