Which Fireplace Best Suits Your Home?

A fireplace is a great way to warm your family through the chilly nights as well as decorate your home. Available in different styles and sizes, fireplaces are ideal home additions for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to install an indoor or outdoor fireplace, you have to decide which option is best for you. The classic fireplace is wood-burning. They create the homey, “just woke up on Christmas” feel. However, they require a lot of maintenance before, during, and after burning. 

Gas fireplaces are a popular alternative to wood ones. Popular in Wasatch County, outdoor gas firepits are controlled with the push of a button. They provide more heat and create a comfortable atmosphere. Homes with a modern feel often opt for an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces won’t survive a power outage, but they also don’t pose the danger of a live fire. 

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