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Your Guide to Buying an Outdoor Fire Pit

A fire pit is a smart addition to your backyard that extends the outdoor entertainment season by weeks or even months, ensuring that guests can knock the chill off and stay cozy and warm during any outdoorsy get-together. Choosing the right fire pit for your needs can seem overwhelming or even frustrating, so read through the tips that follow to be sure you set yourself up with a unit that meets all your expectations from the get-go.

Firepit Types

Unless you’re creating an in-ground firepit, then your options are limited to a fire pit bowl, fire pit table, or tabletop fire pit. Bowls have the advantage of being more mobile than tables and hold either logs or glass beads, depending on the fuel they burn. A table may double as a place to rest snacks or beverages, which makes it a bit handier than a bowl. A firepit tabletop model sits on your table and takes up minimal room on your deck or patio.

Fuel Types

Once you’ve decided on which type of fire pit to choose, pick the fuel you want to burn. Many burn wood, which gives a nice aromatic and relaxing sound that just screams, “fall is here.” Another option is gas, with liquid propane being the most popular option. Still, there are also natural gas fire pits on the market too. Gas fire pits burn cleaner and are a tad safer than wood counterparts.

If you switch your mind about fuel type down the road, it is possible to convert a natural gas firepit to a liquid propane firepit (and vice versa) using a special kit. Because the process of transforming one type into the other is a bit complicated, it’s recommended that you reach out for help with gas fireplace conversion in Salt Lake City, UT.

Firepit Materials

The material your fire pit is made from largely determines its portability and how long it lasts, which is important if you want to take it with you to a buddy’s backyard shindig. Steel lasts a long time, plus it’s comparatively light to carry. Stone is heavier and a good choice if your fire pit is destined to stay in one spot. HDPE (high-density polyethylene) lumber looks like wood but is nearly impervious to wood’s enemies, including insects and rot, making it a long-lived fire pit option.

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