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How Much Gas Does a Gas Fireplace Use?

If you’re considering purchasing a Serene gas fireplace or another high quality fireplace from Croft, you might be wondering how much gas is needed to operate it so you can estimate your fuel costs. The main difference between using a gas-powered fireplace and an electric fireplace or wood-burning fireplace is (obviously) their fuel source. A gas-burning fireplace requires a constant gas source to function, which has a different cost calculation than other types of fireplaces. However, the amount of gas you need will vary greatly depending on a number of considerations. Here are several important factors you ought to know that will help determine the cost of running your gas-burning fireplace.

Understand Your Fireplace’s BTU

Before you make any calculations, you must understand BTU. Known as the British Thermal Unit, BTU is a measurement of heat that will tell you how much heat a fireplace will create with the maximum amount of fuel. By knowing what the BTU is of your gas-burning fireplace, you will be able to calculate the cost of using it. For example, a fireplace with 60,000 BTU will consume 60,000 BTU every hour it’s used. However, the level of BTU will change based on different circumstances.

One aspect that can influence how much BTU a gas-powered fireplace has is whether they are designed to be a decoration or a heat source. Decorative fireplaces are intended to benefit a room’s ambiance and appearance, whereas a heat-producing one is meant to provide warmth to the entire room. Consult your fireplace provider to learn more about your fireplace’s personal BTU.

Determine Your Fireplace’s Fuel Source

The price of a gas-burning fireplace will change based on whether it’s fueled by natural gas or propane. Both fuel sources cost different amounts of money per therm, which is a measurement of how much fuel is needed per 100,000 BTU. For example, one therm of natural gas may cost 0.60 cents per hour, while a gallon of propane could cost $1.25 an hour. Knowing the costs of your fuel’s BTU usage is vital when calculating costs.

How Long It’s Used

Another factor determining how much your gas-powered fireplace will cost is the time of year you intend to use it. Gas will only be used up when your fireplace is running, so how long you use it can influence how much you’ll be paying. For instance, you may choose to use the fireplace more in the winter when it’s colder, but it will use up more gas as a result. However, in the summer, you may decide not to turn it on. Factoring in how many hours, days, and times of year you will be operating the fireplace is essential when making your final calculations.

Making Calculations

After learning the BTU of your gas-powered fireplace, the type of fuel source (and its cost), plus the hours you’ll be using it, you are ready to determine the price. Multiply the price per therm or gallon by the BTU of the fireplace, and then divide that result by one therm if using natural gas or by one gallon when using propane. The result will be the cost needed to run your fireplace per hour, which can then be multiplied by the number of hours you plan to operate it.

If you require gas fireplace repair in Utah, consult Croft Fireplace for more information. We look forward to working with you to bring the beauty of a fireplace into your home.