H4 Gas Fireplace

H4 Gas Fireplace

Designed as a four-sided version of the Horizon fireplace, the H4 Series eliminates the need for a traditional hearth in your living space. Elevated to your preferred height, the H4 nestles comfortably in any surrounding wall surfaces.

Customize for your desired application by choosing from two different backing plates in landscape or square, and four different inner bezel surrounds in copper, nickel painted, nickel plated or black.

Fuel Beds

534DWK I Driftwood
534LSK I Logs
534RSK I Rocks
761DRK I Decorative Rock Kit
618RGL I Reflective Glass
620FBL I Fluted Black
621VRL I Red Brick
622LSL I Ledgestone
Outer Surrounds
Outer Landscape Surround – Black
Outer Landscape Surround – Vintage Iron
Outer Square Surround – Vintage Iron
Inner Surrounds
Inner Bezel Surround – Black
Inner Bezel Surround – Copper
Inner Bezel Surround – Powder Nickel
Inner Bezel Surround – Nickel Plated
ModelMax InputMin InputMax OutputEnerguide
Gas TypeNatural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Remote ControlQuick Guide | Manual
Viewing Area26 ½” w x 14 ¾” h = 391″²
Framing & VentingRefer to Owner’s Manual.
Wall Control1265WSK
Additional FeaturesNo power no problem & safety screen.
ValorStat PlusValorStat Plus Remote Manual and Quick Guide
SpecificationsFraming, dimensions and clearances


556CLACo-Linear Adapter (insert applications only)
559CLTCo-Linear Terminal
559SFKSquare Flashing Kit (for use with 559CLT)
658DVK2Direct Vent Sidewall Terminal & Wall Thimble
658NSFKNew Siding Flashing Kit
658TGTerminal Guard
755CFKCirculating Fan Kit
761DRKDecorative Rock Kit (addition to 534RSK)
817VAKVent Adapter Kit
DVA5BVDirect Vent Adapter to 5″ B-Vent
GV60BRK1-Hour Shutdown Kit
GV60CKOOutdoor Conversion Kit
GV60NTKNon-Thermostat Handset
GV60PAKPower Adapter Kit
RBWSKRemote Battery & Wall Swith Kit